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Thanks for the clarification, but I’m still not clear. I’m just concerned about process and avoiding divisiveness, and people get a little crazy on the Palestine issue. There sometimes are fights around the UN between contending groups—not provoked by pro-Palestine people. Can anyone put out anything and say it’s from Occupy Wall Street. I support the cause but didn’t think I could claim to speak as Occupy Wall Street.


PS dear friend, your tone sounds a little antagonistic. I have some ideas you might call “ideological bullshit”, but I’d disagree; anti-ideology can itself be an ideology. I’ve loved working with you, so I hope you won’t speak as if I’m a political enemy.


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Outreach never needs to be 'cleared' with the GA. The GA cant 'have a position' on Palestine, because the GA is not an ideological or representative body. The GA is a method by which individuals come together and make decisions on action and a way by which autonomous individuals work together.  It is not merely a slow, psuedo-democratic method which lets authoritarian party-line bullshit in the back door. The reason this method is used is to avoid this form of conflict.

The GA changes in composition every single meeting: as such, it also changes its ideology, ideas, commitment levels, etc.  The 'GA' cannot have a political line for this reason.

This sort of idea, 'clearing' something with the GA, is exactly what the GA is designed to avoid- ideological purity that stifles action and outreach. Isham, I would be happy to help you do outreach, but I don't really have access to printing resources. Can someone please print out fliers? We also need them more generally all the time, to do outreach at Freedom Plaza.

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Be careful; clear it with the GA;  we don’t have a position on Palestine and this could be divisive.


But there will be a proposal to rally at the UN tomorrow, Wednesday, when Obama is speaking. The heads of state of the whole world are at the UN General Assembly this week. We should have signs that indicate that Wall St oppresses the whole world. We will have a lot of support from people at the UN and get a lot more attention in the mainstream international press.


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We have some huge outreach potentials.  We have been asked to speak at the Palestine Rally near the UN today, and we need flyers.  Can someone get a flyer up As Soon as Possible?  Be sure to include the websites.

Would like to have the flyer done and printed by 1pm today.  If anyone has ability to print that would be helpful too.

********First Flyer***************

General Schedule for Occupy Wall Street at Zuccotti park (Near the Intersection of Broadway and Liberty Street)


8-9am:  Morning Circle

9-10am: March to Wall Street for the ringing of the opening bell

10-1pm: Break/Lunch

1-3:30pm: General Assembly

3:30-4:30: Second March to Wall Street for the ringing of the closing bell

4:30-7pm: Open space for Music, Teach-ins, Games, and Committee Break-out Discussion

7-9pm: General Assembly


**********Second Flyer***************

Occupy Wall Street People Over Profit March!

Meet at Zuccotti Park
(Broadway and Liberty St.)

5pm Thurs., Sept. 22nd