From:   Harrison Schultz <>
Sent time:   Tuesday, September 20, 2011 3:11:32 PM
To:   september17 <>
Subject:   [september17discuss] Analytics report - good news we can all use!



The situation on at Liberty square is obviously somewhat precarious,

however it's a something of a relief to report that things have never

looked better in cyberspace!


We reached a high water mark in terms of visits and awareness on the


We had 56,356 total visits - we were at 12,283 the day before this is

an astounding 359% increase! The number fell a down to 43,308

yesterday however this is still far higher than any other day we've

seen since before the 17th - feel proud!


The number of total unique visitors has followed the same trend -

there was another astounding 343% increase between the 16th and



We saw a nice spike in the NYC region as well although it was "only"

an 89% increase due to the fact local awareness typically seems to be

a bit higher than outside NYC.


It is also critical to report that most visits to

come from direct traffic searches mostly on google however facebook

has become the number one referral site to Total

visits from Facebook have increased by a whopping 457%.


Want more good news?

Unlike the other measures I've discussed in this report, visits from

Facebook have only been increasing by a very solid 36% over the past

few days since the 17th. Bear in mind that facebook is currently only

responsible for sending us just under 11% of our total traffic in

spite of these huge increases, suggesting that there is huge potential

to make the movement grow by using Facebook.


It's also important to keep in mind that our comrade Bill/radleft

who's been working with us remotely from Tennessee has been hooking

many of us up with lots of radio air time - which I unfortunately have

no way to measure but which will no doubt help swell our ranks. He

informed me yesterday that he personally suspects that we'll see a

huge turnout over the weekend. Adbusters has also called for more



I hope that the take away lesson from all of this is clear - our

strategy has been working! - so dig deep and HOLD YOUR GROUND!!!


I also received a report from Grim Woman who began picking up some

negative feedback on the phone lines after a somewhat grim report was

listed on I strongly urge individuals in this

movement to avoid posting images that could be considered "riot porn"

for the time being, at least until our numbers on the ground cycle

back up. I also suggest avoiding civil disobedience and any

unnecessary arrests that might thin our ranks for the moment as well.

Let's play some defense on the square for a little while.


If you're on the ground and you've been on the ground for too long -

thank you, you're sacrifices and actions have not been in vain, expect

relief this coming weekend.


I also propose an unrestrained "content attack" on Facebook - let's

flood it with our photos, updates, and youtube clip postings. Let's

individually "friend" as many people as possible on the sight and

recycle and redistribute our content over and over again by "sharing

it" it'll push our individual messages to the top of the news feeds

and it will make a difference.


I'm on my way back to try and help defend our new home, I look forward

to sleeping in the rain with all of you this evening!


Love and rage comrades!


Harrison Tesoura Schultz