Sent time:   Tuesday, September 20, 2011 5:01:53 PM
Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] Re: #OccupyWallStreet stays alive by becoming #WeAreThe99%

 At the last GA before we occupied Wall St, I put foward the statement  "We are against the massive concentration of wealth and power on the planet" as what I hoped would be a unifying message.  Everyone there seemed to like it, but it was blocked by those that wanted to wait until the action to formulate a message (not necessarily a bad idea) but now that the action is 4 days old I'm wondering if everyone could get behind that kind of statement.
On 09/20/11, Cesar<> wrote:
I do not think hashtagg/name is mayor reachout problem, Although it could improve.
Short Definition of motive would help a Lot. Check out STop the macine Oct6.
Include citizens and non-citizens in Short statement. It will define movement in more human framework and promote broadest allience. Reach out to unions, and grasroots without message is difficult. Yes, along the lines of freedom fro Wall street and their representatives in Washington.

Snt frm phn


On Sep 19, 2011, at 11:47 PM, Luis Moreno-Caballud <> wrote:

Dear friends,

It looks like #OccupyWallStreet is in urgent need of a massive and targeted outreach operation to stay alive. The key to the success of the movement is to be inclusive. Right now the movement is too homogeneous, due to the "activist" imaginary and language identified with it (example: the word "occupy", the images of stereotypical activists used by Adbusters, etc).
If we really want to start a massive movement like the ones in Egypt, Iceland, Spain, Greece, etc, we should change those referents. If we don't act quickly the movement will vanish, and it would have been just another activist movement. I propose that we start today a fast and massive outreach campaign with this idea: #WeAreThe99%
This is the plan: we put all our energy and resources in outreaching for the #WeAreThe99% Day which will happen next Saturday 23rd, at our space in Zucotti/Liberty Park. We propose tomorrow at the assembly: everyone form groups and march right now to different spots in the city (squares, neighborhoods, universities, labor unions) with signs, fliers, and a clear message: 

"Political parties govern in the name of the 1% that control almost all financial wealth. We are the 99%." 
"We have taken a space at the heart of Wall Street to start changing this situation. Join us at Zucotti/Liberty Park on Saturday September 23rd for the We Are The 99% Day. Stay with us." 

What do you think? We have a lot of attention in the internet and even mainstream media, let's use it now before it's gone! Let's create a really inclusive and massive movement, let's go beyond traditional identities, let's become a real multitude!