From:   Chuck Schumer <>
Sent time:   Tuesday, September 20, 2011 9:27:08 PM
Subject:   [september17discuss] Take a Census!

Hey Gang,
I think it is extremely important that we take a census of the occupation. This should be done during the evening, when only sleepers remain (and the numbers would be lowest, but most representative of the sustained occupation). This should be AT LEAST a headcount, so we can track the numbers. I recall seeing on twitter that Monday night there were 162 sleepers. We need to know if this number is growing or not.
Ideally, that count could also include other basic demographics like age and education. Knowing median age could help dispel the myth of the "college hippie" and "young radical." Geographical origin would also be interesting to know.
Cheers, solidarity, and see you on the streets! Slept out Saturday night, visited Sunday and Monday, and I'll be back whenever I have a free moment.