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This is perhaps for the labor group - but since I do not think we yet

have separate groups - I am sending it to the list.


This is from someone with whom I used to work politically. He is

involved in a struggle in Korea and asks for solidarity and support.


Can the Labor Group take this on?





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Subject: a proposal or an idea.






I hope this note finds you well.  I went down to Liberty St today. I

work nearby. It was an impressive scene. Good job and keep going,

comrade. Do you think you and your comrades show solidarity with Kim

Jin-suk. She is the Korean female welder who has been staging a lone

sit-in on the top of a shipyard crane since January?


I just finished a profile of her for The Progressive and her

supporters call their fifth mobilization called Hope Riders for Oct.

8. Can you and your comrades, for example, put on the masks of Kim

Jin-suk and yell "we are all Kim Jin-suk" after reading a solidarity

statement? If you want, she can make a short speech via Smartphone (I

can organize).  Here is the link to my Labor Notes piece:


Kim will appreciate any form of solidarity. I can be reached at 917

710 8503.  I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.






Yo te hablo de poesía

y vos me preguntás

a qué hora comemos.

Lo peor es que

yo también tengo hambre.


por Alicia Partnoy





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