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 I am not taking a side on this, but provacateurs could be anybody, and I'm sure we've had a few.  I would also like to point out that there are many who are not homeless or even jobless that have a hard time paying for food.  There are definitely kids that come to my school hungry.  There is definitely a risk with inviting people who may be mentally unstable, but we should also realize that as things get worse, there will be more and more jobless and more and more mental health problems to go with it.  The current policies at work pretty much assure that. 
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I strongly disagree. We could invite a few individual homeless who we get to know and trust or those that we know like members of the Picture the Homeless organization who were around Bloombergville and would probably agree with our orientation. It would be better for us to support the struggles and activities of such a homeless organization, as some of us from Bloombergville did.


But an open invitation to the homeless not only could bring in problems bigger than we could handle, such as unstable individuals, but is the easiest way to sneak in police provocateurs to start trouble and create an excuse for breaking up the camp.


In Madison, Wisconsin when teachers and other trade unionists were occupying the state capitol building for weeks, a call came to the right wing Gov. Walker, allegedly from his billionaire backer, oil tycoon David Koch, but in fact from an impersonating union supporter who taped the call. The Koch impersonator suggested they bring in some troublemakers to break up the occupation and Walker found it completely understandable that  Koch would say so, and the governor admitted on tape that they had been considering doing so.


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Also people who are homeless could be invited to sleep at Liberty park, not to use them but to invite them as equals and people who the system has utterly failed, housing is a human right, and Hoovervilles were because people actually were