From:   Lauren <>
Sent time:   Thursday, September 22, 2011 5:16:57 PM
To:   september17 <>
Subject:   [september17discuss] EDUCATION EVENTS ON ECONOMY

Hello everyone! I would like to organize events for the following days

and next week too.

From 4 .30 to 7pm we usually do not have marches or GA, so let´s pack

this time with events!


There are a lot of people of the 99% that sympathize with us but have

families or jobs. The might not come if we ask them to camp, but they

will come if we offer them information. Liberty Plaza must not only

inspire, but educate and inform.


As this is a protest against Wall st greed and it´s influence on

politics, let´s invite people to come and explain basic and important

aspects of our current economical situation. These are complex matters

and most people don´t understand them well (such as myself : ) ). Not

neccesarily famous activists or university proffesors. Just somebody

that is a good at teaching.


Some presentation ideas:

2007/2008 financial crisis

How does stock exchange work?

What are hedge funds and how do they work?

Credit Unions or banking alternatives (I wrote to

inviting them, they didn´t answer yet)


More ideas? I can present these themes in the assembly tomorrow.