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We want everyone to have democracy, human dignity, liberty, peace, food, education, healthcare, art, culture, and fun.

 What do you think?
On 09/22/11, Martin<> wrote:
  Hey Folks,
             The issue of demands and vision is an important subject and I'd like to give my $.02.
                    We are not politicians! We don't need to write or lobby for legislation!  Our Demands and Vision can be concise without the use of ambiguous left wing jargon.  Here' an example:
                                     We Want Universal Housing!
                                     We Want Universal Education!
                                     We Want Universal Healthcare!
                                     We Want Universal access to Good Food!
                                     We Want Peace Abroad and Liberty at Home!
                                     We Want Universal Access to Arts, Culture and Fun!
                                     We Want Universal Human Dignity and Real Democracy!
                       This list isn't a final draft but I wanted to get the point across.  Often people raise the concern that declaring what we want is too radical.  I think its honest and clear.  Find a working or unemployed person and see if they disagree with this.  The dominant political discourse says people would be scarred to death of these socialist policies.  Leave that for the democratic strategists to worry about. We want to make the world we carry in our hearts!
           In Solidarity,