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Subject:   [september17discuss] WTC Workers Visit Liberty Square Today

The World Trade Center workers from various construction unions always come

to the park on their lunch hour; they did not necessarily come to see us.

I've been talking to them about their unions all week; they are very

receptive to our message. It's great that other people engaged them

Thursday. We need a labor oriented flyer, which the Labor Working Group can

create, on why occupy wall street supports labor and why trade unionists

should support occupy wall street.


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Great Lauren, Sorry I missed your comment before. Hopefully they'll

stop by again so we can talk to them more about this. Who has

pictures from Wednesday?


On Sep 22, 1:35 am, Lauren <> wrote:

> Seconded, I barely got wind of it. I know the union that staged a

> walkout earlier was the Cement League however.


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> > So reports are that there was a massive presence of construction

> > workers from the World Trade Center site who visited the occupation

> > today and lots of people talked with them and gave them flyers.  This

> > is great, but I really hope that somebody felt it was important enough

> > to ask them what union(s) they were a part of.  I also hope someone

> > had the foresight to get pictures on social media and this story out

> > the the media in general.  The symbolic nature of this visit is huge,

> > and I haven't seen anything in any media or even anyone's fb about

> > it.  Let's get this out there!


> > Will