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The calendar is wrong, but is being corrected. We are meeting Friday 6PM at the big red sculpture at the Broadway entrance. In case of rain there will be an alternate site. 



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The calendar had said 6 am.  Can I assume that is not correct?  I

thought it was odd, but I thought, considering so many people are

staying all night, I guess it's possible.  I seriously was considering

heading out late tonight to get there at 6 am, because I'm on an odd

schedule.  (It might have been a way for me to get involved again,

which I have not been lately.)


I can't go at 6 pm because, right before I saw this notice, I arranged

to do something else.


BTW, I really kind of have drifted out of this, for various reasons,

though I think the occupation in general is a very good thing.  I hope

you don't all mind that I'm still talking so much on the Google list,

but it's difficult for me not to sometimes. :)




On Sep 22, 11:30 pm, "Jackie DiSalvo" <> wrote:

> We are meeting again Friday 6PM at the bid red sculpture at the Broadway

> entrance to Liberty Plaza.  Our picketing at the Boathouse in Central Park



> Our agenda may include planning a program with trade unionists at the park.


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