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Sent time:   Friday, September 23, 2011 2:52:03 AM
To:   september17 <>
Subject:   [september17discuss] some comments

From the web site, who we are page:

This has great potential because it has great legitimacy and the anti wall st. message resonates among many. I wish your website was more friendly to a diverse audience. “Four people have been arrested so far” isnt the most welcoming way to introduce your cause. Also, some of the language here sounds almost militant. I really think there’s a lot of potential here and urge you to broaden your base of support with a website that does more to explain your cause rather than rally those who are on the more extreme side of the issue.

Thanks for everything, Gods speed!

I applaud all of the young idealists that have slept on outside and risked arrest to attempt to solidify a youth movement to eliminate the corruption that controls our federal government. It is hard to organize so many people around a common cause, but listing the demands, once they are decided upon as much, and in as many places as possible is important. I would like to see a third party come out of this. That, though, would require that a leader exist. Keep trying to hone in on the one demand. It should speak to the aspirations and future desires of the youth for this country. Recognize that the nation is behind you. We need young progressive leaders!!!!! At some point the reality that the system needs to exist will kick in in and then the question will be what’s next? I for one am going to attempt to start as much trouble as possible in my local democratic caucus come april. Just imagine what could happen if the youth took over the financial resources, and organization of the democratic party?