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Thanks Tom, I’ll pass this to my counterpart at NBCU.


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Since you are the CSO, I am not sure of your role in NBC since COMCAST owns them.

There is a huge protest in New York call “Occupy Wall Street”. Here is an email of stunts that they will try to pull on the TODAY show.


We have been heavily monitoring Occupy Wall Street, and Anonymous.


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Awesome idea!


A bunch of us from NORML NYC tried to get in front of good morning America on 4/20/2010 with bunch of signs that said stuff like "Tokers for Roker  (sp?) and "I got high today"- using the today show's logo in place of the word order to protest the 50K+ possession arrests in NYC.


They asked us to see our signs and we couldn't get in, we wanted to put the message on our shirts under our jackets, go back and take our coats off in front of the cameras, but the group broke up before we could get around to it.


This could work, and it'll be a lot of fun!





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this lovely idea just came in from one of our live viewers

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chris sent a message using the contact form at

i was wanting to say that what you are doing is amazing and i am  grateful for what you are doing. i was wondering what the possibility would be of you spreading the message to the protesters of going to the sets of the today show and good morning america, if you arrive at roughly 5 am to the respective studios then you can have their  entire live crowd filled with protesters and that would spread the message to the entire audience and continue to go everyday that the protest is going, this could cause a massive ripple in the pond of injustice, thank you for readin and god bless

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