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Subject:   [september17discuss] On Black Lights, Hellium Ballons and Humanization (check photos)
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I also second the helium ballons. As a side note already announced at the GA, Patch Adams called me the other day to congratulate us on everything we are doing and the bravery we are showing, and asked me to pass the following message:
"The revolution needs to be FUN! And humanizing! It cannot be burdensome, or else the weight becomes umbearable". Indeed, thanks Patch!
Inspired by that and the ballon idea, i want to set up at Liberty Square Black Lights on the trees or floor, protected in a iron clad, so we all glow at night. Not only that, if we use fluorescent paint, we can look like Avatar my brothers and sisters! This can give the aesthetic impression to passerby's and media that something really special is happening there (which is, Participatory Democracy! :-) 
Below some photos on how this would look like.
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