From:   Marina Sitrin <>
Sent time:   Friday, September 23, 2011 12:11:17 PM
Subject:   [september17discuss] Important Legal Information (from the legal team)

The legal working group has a few things to share.


Most important - as always - take care of one another

and have at least a buddy if not an affinity group.


The police have been brutal and have been unlawfully arresting people.

We definitely want to do things about this.

As a group. And individually.


We have some words of caution on how to proceed with civil rights

violation complaints - ESPECIALLY before a criminal trial has taken



Things you say before a criminal trial CAN be used in that trial. That

includes interviews and statements with the Civilian Complaint Review



This is not to say do not file a complaint - but any interview or

video done BEFORE your criminal proceedings have been completed could

be used against you.

There is time to file after your trial.


Similarly for Civil Lawsuits.


You must be finished your criminal trial first.


If you do not have a criminal trial, and you begin a civil suit, it is

not only your lawyer that deposes (takes your statement and interviews

you) but also the City (which means they can ask you all sorts of

things related to your case, like what you were doing, with whom,

when, etc etc.) As a part of the case you must answer questions deemed



As the legal team we are NOT telling anyone what to do - but we feel

very strongly that people know the ramifications and possible outcomes

of certain things.


This is not easy to explain in an email, so people should please call

the National Lawyers Guild with more questions, and/or if you are

represented by a lawyer that is not in the NLG, get clarification from

them on what you can be asked and when.


We - the legal team - believe that we should make decisions based on

our politics and principles - and then see if the law can work in

accordance with them.


In Solidarity,


The Liberty Plaza Legal Team

(We have been the ones standing in front of the GA for the past few

nights making the legal team announcements.)