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Sent time:   Friday, September 23, 2011 12:15:44 PM
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I second you Mad Hatter, coordination is key but not meant to stop others from organizing too, I esp. would like to note that our tone is very important, respect kindness and understanding! I appreciate all the work you are doing Jackie to get a Labor Committee working and working hard on connecting OWS with labor and I believe that is hella important! HoweverI felt upset by your comment "You have definitely overstepped your bounds; if you have a suggestion, you ask first, you are just creating confusion that will split the attendees. FIX IT." I think definitely overstepped and you ask first is not true, since that means Lauren is not autonomous, I believe she is, I also believe it is possible that two events may split attendees but it may also increase attendance! People roll in different circles and may attract different audiences, most importantly however I felt FIX IT to be rude, how about "lets talk and see how we can unite these two awesome groups!" ?

Thank you all for all you are doing
Solidarity & Love

On Fri, Sep 23, 2011 at 2:08 PM, Lauren <> wrote:
It would help to know where, or is it related to today? It won't be
today. Also has there been no individual wobbly at the committee

Also I did not make the suggestion, one of their members did. As I
said, we ran with it. We don't even know when, it's just something
they floated around. For now nothing is certain, it's just being
agitated for. Knowing them, they won't be able to make their support
official until they've had their GMB meeting this month, anyway.