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Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] On nonviolence and technology

 I like this article as honest and informative, but I would give Alexis and her Day of Rage movement more credit for having done a ton of work and getting lots of press buildup for the event.
Otherwise nice and article and thanks for working so hard to save the world.
On 09/23/11, Nathan Schneider<> wrote:
Dear occupiers,

Having taken a break from the plaza for a night and a day, I've been
doing some more reflective thinking about this magnificent movement
and certain aspects of it and its tactics. I'd like to share with you
the two articles I've published since leaving the plaza late last
night (and what a night it was!).

The first, which appeared this morning on the website Truthout, takes
a look at the role that technology has played in the movement—and the
ways that it has often misled those trying to understand what it's
really all about. Basically, it's a reminder (which we all should
already know) that one cannot build a revolution on Twitter alone:

The second, which is perhaps a bit more critical, is about the way
that we've been responding to incursions by the police. I take as a
jumping-off point some things said by Ivan Marovic of Otpor last
night, who helped lead the student movement that brought down
Milosevic. I argue here that the occupation should make more of a
priority of teaching nonviolent discipline and tactics—which isn't to
say, of course, that there has been violence on its part:

I hope these are in some way useful to some of you, or to someone you


Nathan Schneider
Editor, Waging Nonviolence