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Fantastic! Would you like to try to replicate something similar at the

encampment? We could make a proper weekend of teach-ins out of the

thing..."The Liberty Free University"...we could work on a better





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> Great. I also know some terrific radical intellectuals at CUNY who would

> come, came to what we called at our summer encampment outside City Hall

> "Bloombergville Free University"


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> Hi All,


> I'm talking these days with Kazembe, one of the main guys behind the

> Brecht Forum, about organizing speakers to give presentations in

> Zuccotti Park. The Forum has a considerable rolodex of lefties to draw

> upon, everyone from Slavoj Zizek to David Harvey to Richard Wolff, and

> the fact that he is open to working with us is fantastic. I'm

> contacting the list about the matter because


> 1) Kazembe has asked me to draw up a list of speakers we might like to

> see appear


> 2) I was personally wondering if we could make a donation to the

> Brecht Forum at some future time, if we find we have the funds for it.


> That's it! Thanks!


> Nico