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This is great! Some of us haver organized the "We are the 99% Open Forum" which will happen daily at 6pm starting tomorrow with people explaining the recent May 15 movement in Spain, and continuing Sunday with communities from the middle east and south asia. I think it would be great to include this teach-ins in the Open Forum. Let's get together tomorrow at 6 at the stairs of Liberty Park and organize it!




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> Fantastic! Would you like to try to replicate something similar at the

> encampment? We could make a proper weekend of teach-ins out of the

> thing..."The Liberty Free University"...we could work on a better

> name.


> Nico


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>> Great. I also know some terrific radical intellectuals at CUNY who would

>> come, came to what we called at our summer encampment outside City Hall

>> "Bloombergville Free University"


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>> Hi All,


>> I'm talking these days with Kazembe, one of the main guys behind the

>> Brecht Forum, about organizing speakers to give presentations in

>> Zuccotti Park. The Forum has a considerable rolodex of lefties to draw

>> upon, everyone from Slavoj Zizek to David Harvey to Richard Wolff, and

>> the fact that he is open to working with us is fantastic. I'm

>> contacting the list about the matter because


>> 1) Kazembe has asked me to draw up a list of speakers we might like to

>> see appear


>> 2) I was personally wondering if we could make a donation to the

>> Brecht Forum at some future time, if we find we have the funds for it.


>> That's it! Thanks!


>> Nico