From:   Zoë Faux <>
Sent time:   Saturday, September 24, 2011 9:34:07 AM
Subject:   SPAM-MED: Re: [september17discuss] Proposals on what to do with all the donated money...

1. Food

We have people, and we have a kitchen; we should use some funds to source produce from supportive local farmers and urban agriculture initiatives, and cook not only enough food to feed ourselves, but to share (I'm thinking something along the lines of "a free lunch" for the 99%, $100 a plate for the 1%). Let's create an alternative economy in the belly of the beast, and demonstrate that a bunch of "hippie anarchists" can feed people better than all the wizards of Wall St. 

*And, if we're serious about making this occupation long term, we should be thinking about mobilizing guerilla gardening -- turning the financial district into a food forest. 

2. Shelter

It's going to get colder, and it's absolutely vital that campers are protected from the elements. We need shelter, especially shelter suited for a long-term occupation. Parallel to that, we need legal folks pushing hard for our right to encamp (if anyone who's reading this is on top of this, please contact me, as I have something of a legal background and would like to be involved).

3. Information

We need to ensure that information can flow freely in and out of Liberty Square. Folks need power, batteries, phones, robust networks, and probably a bunch of stuff I'm not techy enough to think of. Beyond that, we should also be thinking hard about:

* running the livestream through something that doesn't have fucking commercials.

* hosting our websites outside the US, preferably in countries with laws protecting internet freedom.

* setting up communications between the growing number of occupations happening nationally and internationally. 

* finding ways to build information leverage beyond social media (for example, creating a corporate-focused leaks site).

4. Art 

I can't even begin to imagine the amazing thing our arts folks could do with a little solid funding

5. General

We should set aside some money for miscellaneous unanticipated projects.

5. Emergency

We should set aside some funds for miscellaneous unanticipated emergencies (bail money, medical fees, etc.)