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A big YES on Taft-Hartley if and when we get around to demands. Also the NY Taylor Law which bans strikes by public sector unions including mine (PSC-CUNY), broke the last strike by TWU (NYC Transit Workers Union), punished them severely (huge fines, temporarily jailing their president, jail threats for all strikers, ending deducting dues from paychecks) and is now being fought by TWU in anticipation of another potential strike necessity when their contract is up in December.


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Subject: [september17discuss] Heart Of Glass and Taft Hartly



Thank you for the post on Glass Stegal is it ?


Also I would add to that repealing the Taft Hartley Act. The Taft Hartley is Act what turned Unions into more lobbying organization then organizations trying to organize the un organized. I don't have a link but I could find one


Here is a List of 3 possible demands just one activists opinion


1. End corporate person hood

2. Repeal Taft Hartley  Act,  and Glass Stegal Act 

 3. Make a Stock transfer Tax , (robin Hood Tax)




How is that ?


 (also there is this other act passed in the 80s that makes it easier for employers to get "illegal" Aliens deported does any one know that name ?)