From:   Matthew Bralow <>
Sent time:   Sunday, September 25, 2011 2:09:24 AM
To:; NYABC <>

To get to Muslim Day Parade, R train or 6 train to 23rd St.

Madison & 23rd St. Noon-4pm.




San Gennaro takes place on Mulberry St. 6 train to Spring St or Canal

St. N,R to Prince St. or N,R,Q to Canal St. All afternoon and into

evening. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF THIS FESTIVAL. Again, a tremendous

reach out opportunity! If anyone wants to do this today please come

and do it! Would be wonderful to get the KIDS OUT for this one too!





On Sun, Sep 25, 2011 at 4:01 AM, Matthew Bralow <> wrote:

> Hello all.... Can someone who is associated with OWS, please please

> PLEEEEEASE.... get volunteers to PRINT a flyer and volunteers to HAND

> OUT FLYERS at the following event today???


> the MUSLIM DAY PARADE!  I know it's short notice. But an ENORMOUS

> opportunity for outreach!


> It starts today at 12noon......... at 37th St & Madison Ave. and will

> proceed to 23rd St. & Madison Ave


> There should be a flyer ready in the morning.  I will make sure it's

> posted hopefully early. In arabic! And if people that know arabic want

> to make their own or translate an existing one from English, please

> feel free to do so. Or if anyone wants to a written message or flyer

> from the Arab Spring, please FEEL free to duplicate that and

> distribute!


> Again, it's short notice, but could really start to diversify our

> movement and build it!


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> ALSO....


> There is also the SAN GENNARO FESTIVAL on MULBERRY ST in Manhattan.

> This is also a TREMENDOUS opportunity to reach a diverse mix of

> demographic from the New York Tri-state area.  Flyer should be geared

> towards INFORMING AND EDUCATING PEOPLE about the increased

> environmental pollution and TIE it into the IMMEDIATE NEED to get

> corporations out of government, STOP the continued broken promises,

> the psychopathic disregard that corporations have for human beings and

> our lives, and the mis-allocation of our public funds. And STOP LYING

> to the American people.  We also want to show the NECESSITY for the

> PEOPLE of NYC to RISE UP to create a NEW FUTURE for NY and for the

> USA. A PEACEFUL REVOLUTION to create a strong local economy and a

> HUMANE citizenry that respects the RIGHTS OF and the WILL OF the

> PEOPLE and respects our Mother Earth and doesn't promote the raping of

> Her.

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