Sent time:   Sunday, September 25, 2011 10:05:26 AM
Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] Government for the people, not the corporations!

 At the march yesterday I was standing in store entrances and saying "Democracy is for people, not for corporations.  Take your country back," and getting applause from many.
One guy asked me, "Is this the change you were looking for?"  the standard anti-Obama line.  I said "No, The Democrats and the Republicans are selling the country to the highest bidder."  He looked down and nodded in agreement.
On 09/25/11, Jon Good<> wrote:
Government for the people, not the corporations!

I humbly suggest that this be the title above the goals we set.  I have been back home visiting my family and volunteering at the county fair this weekend, and everybody really wants us to succeed, but NOBODY has a clear idea of exactly what we're about, and are not ready to support us because they don't know what they're getting.

We need clear, simple things that everybody in America can get behind.  That folks who have been laid off from their jobs while watching their bosses get million-dollar bonuses, folks who've seen their future destroyed when a company bought out their family's livelihood, and folks who never had the promise of a real job or real chance at the American dream can all identify with and say "fuckin' A! those guys are right!" together.

If somebody can put this to the GA TODAY (I can't because I'll be traveling back to New York), I would be very grateful.  I'm going to start making flyer and press release templates so we can get these out with whatever we end up saying ASAP.


Jon Good