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Subject:   Re: Re: [september17discuss] Two critical articles worthy of review

 I haven't met anyone at the GA that I would suspect of sending anti-semetic threats to writers.  If you are out there please wisen up and realize that power is not about race or religion--these things are tools used to divide us--or leave our occupation because we have a consensus against this kind of thing.
At the same time this is another fly-by attack on our movement.  They drop by, get fixated on a pair of breasts, mistake hand rolled cigarettes for joints, fail to figure out what the general assembly system is about, and go make fun of us. 
We should learn something from our press coverage.  (My neighbor, a liberal, keeps telling me that we need to control our wacko image.)  But, we should fight back against these accusations, by
1.  Clarifying our message, with a consensus on "demands," and by responding to the media with letters, phone calls, etc.
2.  Carefully explaining how the GA works.  Maybe with large displays of the rules.  (The process is part of the message.)
3.  Not suppressing the creativity of our colleagues.
4.  Excercising some personal responsibility (try to think ahead about how your actions will be interpreted by the 99%).
5.  Having a lot of fun, and maybe borrowing some techniques from Monty Python!
On 09/25/11, grimwomyn<> wrote:
Yes-- but I started thinking a lot about the student protests of the 60s and how powerful the images of peaceful resistance spoke during that time. And the end results of actually passing the civil rights legislation and ending the Vietnam War.

We have a real opportunity here to make historical lasting change. It would be unfortunate to lose potential allies and opportunities because of the antics of a few attention starved individuals.

On Sun, Sep 25, 2011 at 1:31 PM, gail zawacki <> wrote:
Holy Cow.  Compare it to the approval she gives to the protests in Israel!!