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they're all tied together... would make it easier perhaps for people

to participate if somethings closer to them... or just have as a

separate "other city-wide events" listing


On Sun, Sep 25, 2011 at 11:20 PM, Lauren <> wrote:

> This is a great action for us to support, but the websites calendar

> right now is to structure the times of events that happen Zuccotti.

> Adding a rally that happens elswhere could lead to confusions.



> On Sep 25, 7:17 pm, "Jackie DiSalvo" <> wrote:

>> We should put on the schedule for Monday a rally at 4 PM at Baruch College

>> (Lexington Ave. and 24th St) in support of PSC-CUNY (Professional Staff

>> Congress) the faculty & staff union at City University which is fighting to

>> retain health benefits for part time faculty. 3 work groups have endorsed

>> the rally - Labor, Outreach & Direct Action.




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>> I need the schedules of working groups to put them on the occupy

>> and


>> There are people out there that really want to help us in our

>> redesigning of society by being part of the working groups. These are

>> people with busy with full time jobs and families, but that strongly

>> support us. They don´t need for us to to explain our goals or demands.

>> They get it already. And they want to help.


>> We need to offer them a possibility to let them help us by taking them

>> in consideration and letting them know when they can come to work with

>> us. The GAs are not a good moment for them to come because the GAs

>> mainly discuss internal issues at this point.


>> I know that if we get the camp place structured we will have more

>> people. I think that there is this general idea the main way you can

>> contribute is by camping here and this puts people off. Getting the

>> working groups structured and started is a key element to have more

>> people help to work on goals, and it will contribute to defend the

>> neccesity to keeping Liberty Square as our space.


>> If you are in a working group, decide on times and try to keep them so

>> we can do effective Outreach. And please let me know about them ahead

>> of time. I will post the time on Occupy wall st. and .- Hide quoted text -


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