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It would make sense if the she only allowed the "Made In The USA" items up on the store. When you build a Cafe Press store, you can pick which items you want to sell.

I think this movement should stay away from outsourced labor in any way possible. Right?

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Any objections?

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My name is Kristen Harrington.  We spoke on the phone this evening regarding fundraising.  This is a link to my store(just set up today) at

This company has a home office in San Mateo, CA and 2 other offices in KY and NC.  I am not sure exactly where the shipping is done out of.  I have designed this merchandise myself and have marked the prices up from cafepress's by $9.17 across the board.  All profits will go to fund the occupywallstreet demonstrations.  Pleas let me know if this is something that can be approved for fundraising.  I do not want to go against any of the beliefs of this movement while trying to support it.  Thank you for your time and stay strong.


Kristen Harrington