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 The local news says that the protesters may soon be thrown out of zuccotti park and that dozens were arrested yesterday.  Pls contact the park and tell them if possible.
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This would be great!

We are working on a sound permit.


On Sep 26, 2011, at 4:25 AM, Jackie DiSalvo wrote:

> See also proposal of New Yorkers Against Budget Cuts for daily speak-outs at
> 6 PM, which is also one kind of thing the Labor. I understand that's not the
> same as a Free University. We can do both.
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> The Labor Working Group has been thinking about bringing speakers, we can
> work with you (especially since you're in the group).
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> Subject: [september17discuss] confirmed, Richard Wolff at Occupy Wall
> Street, date and time TBD
> hey gang!
> The good people of the Brecht Forum have informed me that Marxist
> economist Richard Wolff has confirmed that he will come to speak at
> Liberty Plaza, although at the moment he can't confirm date or time.
> With this good news and a little bit of time for planning, can we
> start to organize for a Free School weekend teach-in? I'm ashamed to
> say that I haven't been at the Park as much I would like so I don't
> know how the following weeks will be scheduled. In a previous message
> we had discussed using the 6pm Open Forum has a platform for lectures.
> Is someone else interested in helping me organize a Free School? I
> know many people, like Jackie, have more organizing experience than I
> do, not to mention more connections with academics and intellectuals.
> Ok! Thanks!
> Nico