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No, sorry, this is ridiculous. Britain and Canada have far stricter

election laws and Britain basically invented kettling and Canada's

prime minister suspends parliament when he has a bad mood. The

electoral reform in Canada didn't close the Fraser institute. Get

corporate money out of politics and little will change because the

people running for congress will still be corporate money themselves.

The only one that's true for Canada and the UK in your list is



Hell, Germany and France have proportional representation and strict

electoral laws. Only someone who is utterly unaware of the rest of the

world would insist that France is not an actively imperialist country

on a scale very much comparable to the United States.


Bubbles and crashes are inherent in capitalism. We've had constant

bubbles and crashes for two centuries now. Hell, when France founded

its first limited liability companies, there was an almost immediate

bubble and crash (that was the early 18th century). The only reason

the new deal happened is the reason Bismarck, the head of the german

conservative party and a man who was impossibly happy about the

anarchist communist split, was the one who passed it: it was to save

the system by buying out some of the population.


The Spanish keep writing us (the people on the website) to not commit

their original mistake: if it looks like an electoralist platform, if

it looks like we're doing parliamentarianism, then we'll lose, plain

and simple, because we're not parliamentarians. And a minor electoral

reform is still empty parliamentarianism, not a revolution.


We're insisting on bringing back stopgap parliamentary reforms that

only existed because the system was otherwise falling apart, as our

one great demand? Why? So our grandchildren have to pick up the flags

again for what we didn't do when the same system we're putting back on

life support falls apart again?


What about a demand to the people?


Form popular assemblies. Everywhere. Every public square, every

community, every town. Hell, every shop, every factory, every job

center, every office, every school. We can be the demand.


If anything this insistance on one demand is bullshit. We can't

condense in one demand end everyone knows it. The only people I've

seen insist on "one demand only" are people who would rather fight

against us than break their own chains.