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Hey everyone,


I find this draft extremely problematic. First of all, it makes no

attempt to link any of the issues raised to Wall Street, which is

really what unifies us at Occupy Wall Street and also is not difficult

to do given the centrality of Wall Street in our system and in the

economic crisis. Second, it makes virtually no mention of the war on

the working class and the poor nor any mention to the politics of



A few comments on some individual points. It's mention of "personal

responsibility" is code for the right even if it's countered by

"collective responsibility." The statement "redefining how labor is

valued" is ambiguous and can be interpreted in a number of ways and is

a far cry from the pro labor, pro working class message I think we

agree we want to be sending, even as that message does not advocate

the union bureaucracy. I could go on but I'll leave it at that.


I can tell you that this does not even close to encapsulating the

reasons why I signed up for Occupy Wall Street, and I can assure you

there there are many other folks who have put an immense amount of

work into this who feel the same way.


Peace and solidarity,