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Subject:   Fwd: Occupy Wall Street

I am sure ya'll know of this guy and his video projects.  Can Flux or someone send him some good video and is there someone in particular we want to send his way for an interview?  I identify as a person of color and am willing to do it, but if someone else wants to then they should go for it.

Peace and Love,

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Date: Mon, Sep 26, 2011 at 11:09 AM
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Hey Jason,

Yeah man links to the best videos would be great! Also, do you know a
person who can give me an interview over skype? Preferably a woman and
or a person of color?



On 11-09-25 8:19 AM, jason ahmadi wrote:
> Dear Mr. Lopez,
> We met in Modesto, CA when you brought your film to the Anarchist space
> there.  I was the kid who was involved in EF! Humboldt who you told the
> story about falling out of the tree and defended the power of nonviolence in
> the comment part of your event.  I have been an organizer of the occupy wall
> street action and wanted to offer anything in your work of putting out the
> real story.  I can be reached through email or phone 408-529-8683.  Also I
> am on the media team so I could help get you footage from the ground.  I
> follow your show regularly and keep up the great work.
> Peace and Love,
> Jason