From:   Will <>
Sent time:   Monday, September 26, 2011 10:08:47 AM
To:   september17 <>
Subject:   [september17discuss] Re: Demands Discussion

Looks like you all are doing good work on this. Unfortunately I'm not

able, due to lack of time, to participate much in this discussion so I

just wanted to commend all your efforts regarding this issue and add

my voice to the chorus saying that it's essential that we release a

set of coherent demands as promptly as possible.




On Sep 26, 10:35 am, Amin Husain <> wrote:

> All,


> I am sure I know many of you (e.g. Cesar, Isham, etc.) from Liberty Square.

>  I am on the facilitation working group and others.  I agree with all of you

> on the urgency of demands and/or vision/goals.  I think that process can run

> parallel with Principles of Solidarity.  I also think the Communique

> statement looks great as it has been revised (reserving judgment on the

> specific items mentioned, for the moment).  I note that there is a consensus

> that the issue of demands/vision/goals in the context (or not) of the

> communique is on the agenda and should be so this evening at 7pm.  If so,

> from the email exchanges, I think that is going to be a very difficult GA

> because of the competing approaches and understandings.  I am concerned we

> will not get far enough.  If I may respectfully suggest, in the interest of

> moving the discussion and its resolution along, that those who have proposed

> specific formulations here or at the GA to familiarize themselves with the

> competing proposal and try to be ready to make friendly amendment and get on

> board one or the other competing proposals, and have suggestions as point of

> compromise.  This may help a great deal.  Recognize that the GA, from

> experience, gets paralyzed if there are competing proposals to the body.  We

> are likely to end up going in circles, and that may cause great damage to

> the cause, because people that are sitting in new on the GA will not like

> what they see.  This is just a suggestion.  We are doing great, and we can

> figure this out.  I will say this.  Let us not panic or get frustrated about

> not having demands; let's work hard on formulating them as soon as possible.


> Amin