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A thread started by my old friend mark Read --

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Subject: Re: an idea for artists in support of #occupywallst

Found this article today on Salon, about the NY Attorney General's
mission to, to borrow Mark's phrase, end impunity for the perpetrators
of financial crimes: hold No
mention of Occupy Wall Street, of course. But we can make it so that
the next article about this guy HAS to mention occupy wall st. Here is
the contact info for the attorney general's office: We should try to get his attention
- spread the word to anyone who's currently occupying wall street!
Yes, he works for the state, which is ultimately going to protect its
own interest, but he seems to want some of the same things that Occupy
Wall Street is pushing for. I'm not sure what this exactly means for
occupy wall st or for the attorney general, but it could be mutually

On Mon, Sep 26, 2011 at 1:33 PM, mark read <> wrote:
From Brian Drolet, Gary Edwards, and myself:

Remember that deck of cards for "most wanted" terrorists?

How about a deck of cards, and wanted posters, for "most wanted" financial

Stick the posters up all over the financial district.

Make citizens arrests (and probably get arrested doing it) and videotape the

WANTED: For financial crimes against the people

Overarching demand:  An end to impunity for perpetrators of financial crimes
against the people of the United States of America.

I'll be down there tonight if anyone's down for discussing it.