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The "OccupyTogether" really works for this concept!

On Mon, Sep 26, 2011 at 2:31 PM, Jackie DiSalvo <> wrote:
About the Postal Workers' protest tomorrow Tuesday at 5:30 (I'm looking for
the site nearest to Liberty Plaza).

One of the labor group's members, Matt, has been trying to set up a
connection with the political director of the  postal workers union, who has
wanted to speak to us and invite us to the rally. However, Matt is getting
married this week, and we didn't get it together. Fortunately I was able to
have a long conversation with him; he can't come now because of  all the
work pressure for tomorrow's rally, but will come some other time. He loves
OWS and was on the Saturday march with us.

It's not too late to do something. Some of us could go to one of the 13
rallies in NYC (I can't; I'm teaching at that time). Also, they would
welcome a statement of support from us which they would read at their 13
rallies (that will get us a lot of friends in the postal union!
At this late date we would have to get a support statement by bringing a
proposal to tonight's GA to be passed. Someone would also be welcome to read
the statement of support at a rally nearest to Liberty Plaza if we can find
someone to do it. I just learned a lot about the issue and could prepare a
statement to be passed at tonight's GA.

We can also publicize the demonstration on our various lists, and ask people
in the GA to go to the rally. I can handle getting a proposal on the agenda
and announment the rally in my Labor Working Group report.

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Re: Postal Workers National Protest on Tuesday

I'm posting it to the labor working group listserv now.  Thanks Luis.

On Sep 26, 12:42 pm, Luis Moreno-Caballud <>
> There is also the postal workers protest tomorrow Tuesday at 5:30. Labor
committee: are we in contact with them? Another great opportunity to show
solidarity and to prove that this movement belongs to the 99%