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Subject: Video of Cop Macing Nonviolent Protesters Goes Viral

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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The Big Story

Police Crack Down On Nonviolent "Occupy Wall Street" Protestors [VIDEO]

A filmed outburst of police violence that has spread like wildfire on the Internet -- with video of a cop spraying Mace at four women -- might not be the most direct way of targeting bank corruption, but the financial district march on Saturday captured a growing sense of populist powerlessness that has found little space for expression beyond the Tea Party movement.

Hundreds of protestors have been "occupying" Wall Street for more than a week, borrowing nonviolent tactics (such as camping out) previously seen at demonstrations throughout Europe and the Middle East. READ MORE

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War And Peace

Pentagon Expands Reach Of Anti-Hacker Cyber Fortress

The Defense Department has spent the past few years battling a tidal wave of hack attacks, as more and more top-secret information is handled by civilian defense companies and outside contractors. Worried about the capacity of the private sector to stave off cyber raids, the military brass has decided that the computer networks that make up America's hard drive are too big to fail. READ MORE

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Featured Column: Carl Hiaasen

Why Is Florida's GOP Governor Obsessed With Drug Tests For The Unemployed?

Here in Florida, Rick Scott's campaign promise of mass job creation is at least coming true for professional urine samplers. However, in addition to being sued over drug-testing welfare parents, Scott also faces a court fight for ordering random substance screening on thousands of state workers. READ MORE

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Capitol Hill

The Congressional Procrastination Crisis

Last night's Senate vote for a routine bill to keep government operating marks the third time this year that the Republican-controlled House of Representatives nearly brought the country to a halt. It is not gridlock when every vote seems like a new opportunity to shut down the federal government -- instead, an endless game of chicken that may not end until November 2012 at the earliest. As floods batter the country and state budgets are forced to cut costs, the GOP has continued to demand that new funding for federal disaster aid can only come along with offsetting cuts to other programs. At least hurricane season is almost over. READ MORE

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Cartoon of the Day

Danziger Cartoon
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