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It’s true that in this society celebrity brings unjust privilege, but because these people are well known, their presence brings us more publicity and helps outreach. And Taibibi is a progressive journalist who shares some of our politics, has been one of the main writers attacking Wall St (“Why Hasn’t Anyone From Wall St Gone to Jail?”) and is probably coming to give us supportive coverage. It helps to know such people are around, so we can influence that coverage. I’d like to know he was here.


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But it does not give the privilege and distinction at the decision-making process

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I am against "special guests".  Their influence and fame already gives them plenty of privilege and distinction at the occupation.






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RT @alexfethiere: @mtaibbi says he'll visit #occupywallstreet Wed 9-28: Here's pic. Welcome him!

A thought: should we have "special guests" at GA's? No special privileges, just shouting out influential folks who come out

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