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Hey Prudence -

Notes from the media meeting below. We're going to be setting up a white board schedule for production and post production - maybe we can set up a general spread sheet for all shifts - live stream and "security" as well?  There's a guy named Abe that should be there this morning - if you talk to him, he can fill you in on the rest of the details from the meeting. I'll be in this evening around 5.

Have a great day.



No food or drinks inside the media station

Send all the information and centralize  in one spot

Teams: Producers, production and post-production with a team leader for each group

Need to create producers committee: Tim , Andrew, Craig, Sharon, Abe.

OWS Media  ID's needed

What are we covering?

Assign Shifts to media members

Power and storage

Integrate media in GA

Video for security needed

Organizing committee, Drew will be in charged of committee

We need to use all the cameras and assign them objectives and shoots

We need to bring all the media info to one spot and have 1 direct line

Print media, blogs, editing, audio and visual need to have own teams reporting to Media center

Need more democracy oriented reports

Center all the info in one website using different domains

Every media assembly needs to be documented for uploading to website

NYCGA is willing to empower somebody to upload all this info in to website

Keep a data base of submissions

One camera is needed at every work group

Live stream, prosperity context and daily news 

Security shifts needed

Create 60 second petition videos

Live stream needs own work station

Need charging station  outside of the media center

Producers responsibilities: content management, dealing with public, finance, equipment

Producers team need to keep public out and disseminate, make sure shooters are prepping the Different events.

Producers will also be in charged of logistics and assigning coverage teams

Back-up server at a secure location

Option of having a mobile unit

Daily press release needed for MSM

Social media needs a reliable source of information to confirm reports before posting

Libertyplazarev  password:  unityequality4  - Youtube channel for uploading videos

Need a media whiteboard for writing info about available media resources

Crow Tag aggregates RSS via tag

Droople video uploading

Need 1 person holding all passwords and accounts

Need a main account or channel to dump all the videos in to

Need to get police badge numbers during the shooter assignments 

Forward the raw footage to legal team for investigation purposes

Craig will be in charge of media's team power and storage

Security: need to record police badges, faces, dates, times, location for evidence in the future

Mac will be in charge of media station security, needs people with security background to help, 2 shifts needed

Signage sheet needed for assigning shifts, each team needs to have at least 1 person per shift

8-12,   12-4,   4-8,   8-12 media shifts

Drivers and production base camp needed

West Broadway and Canal for possible base camp

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How was the meeting? Are there any minutes for it? Also, I'm sorry
that I keep repeating myself, but I want to let everyone know that I
am going to be at the media center for a shift starting either 8AM or
10AM. Tomorrow looks like a lot of rain, so please let me know if
ya'll have any specific rain plans or if I should know anything in
advance of coming. Either way, I'm prepared to do a long shift and
make sure everything stay dry!

Also, is there a schedule for shifts? Or should I spearhead starting
that while I am there tomorrow?

in solidarity, Prudence
901.237.1551 (TEXTS ONLY)

On 27 sep, 01:53, nikky schiller wrote:
> we will meet you there
> all the best
> viva la revolución¡