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Thanks Marina for reposting...


I was gearing up to send this list a message about a fall campaign of

actions targeting wall street and the big banks that grew out of the Week of

actions in New York around May 12. It is being coordinated under the frame

of a new campaign. 8-9 cities are rolling out weeks of direct action at the

banks etc... scroll down for grid of




Actions kicked off in Seattle on Sept 20: 3 simultaneous hits, disrupting

business summit, 11 arrests.



Oakland is in it now - we hit 9 banks on Monday in Oakland, disrupted a

foreclosure auction, and divested from 3 banks. Yesturday we hit 11 banks

in SF, a developer prologis and totally disrupted a Bay Area Business

Council meeting at a baseball game at AT&T Park in San Fran. Today we do

crime scene tape actions to close banks and a blithed neighborhood clean up

and will deliver to banks. Tomorrow a big march in the financial district

with a direct action......


Boston is doing actions this Friday and Sat - check it out - will be

awesome. They attended the Occupy Boston meeting last night.


Oct 3: Los Angeles kicks off again great actions are coming together for

daily escalating actions. Rose Mary Gudiel's family tells why they are

resisting eviction

Big Day of Action


Oct 10th -New York, Chicago and Minneapolis will kick off on Oct 10th - the

Mortgage bankers are meeting in Chicago and we will be there. In fact looks

like hundreds a day will be doing daily actions!


Denver is Oct 24th I think and other cities are looking to join in. This

movement is riding the fight against Wall Street with you!



We're trying to get a calendar of the big public actions - will post when



Hope you are all great, sure am missing Zucotti Park but am building this

stuff and linking in as many ways as we can.....




Some media from Boston build up....


Protesters try to deposit trash from foreclosed home at Malden Bank of


Boston Globe - Justin Rice - ‎Sep 19, 2011‎

Dorchester resident Fank Maxey and other MassUniting supporters collected

bags of trash from an abandon home and tried to drop them off at the Bank of

America in Malden Center. By Justin A. Rice, Town Correspondent Chanting

“Bank of America, ...

Protesters Accuse Bank of Neglecting Malden Properties - Chris Caesar - ‎Sep 19, 2011‎

Bags of trash that were removed from 56 Clinton St were deposited at The

Pleasant St branch of Bank of America. About ten to fifteen protesters

cleaned a dilapidating, foreclosed property on Clinton St. Monday morning,



Bank of America protested by people in Malden, Mass.‎

NECN - 2 days ago

Gus Cooks of Malden, who participated in the protest said, ... Bank of

America media-relations executive TJ Crawford said the bank had been to the

Clinton ...


Wednesday's action at Gallery's home:



Protesters Dump Trash at Bank of America President's Beacon Hill Home - Kimberly Ashton - 8 hours ago

Upset over Bank of America's foreclosure practices, protesters dump trash in

... property Monday and delivered it to Bank of America's Malden branch

office. ...

• Protestors Trash Bank Of America President's Boston Home

Huffington Post - 10 hours ago

Hauling several bags of garbage left at a foreclosed Bank of America

property in Malden, dozens of protesters showed up at bank president Robert







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Thurs., Sept. 29, 3pm




I spent the last week making art and working with the community

groups-- including many folks facing bank foreclosure on their

homes--leading this mass mobilization against Wall St and the Big

Banks. I'd say, this is an overdue key historic moment for anyone who

can to throw down--take the afternoon off and maybe even go to jail.

Please jojn me, hundreds of others and seriously hit up your folks to

join you. It's part of a wave of community and labor led mass

mobilizations in nine cities in conjunction with Occupy Wall St in



hope, David



Occupy Wall St West!:


Make Banks Pay!


Big Banks helped to crash our economy, destroy our communities and

wreck our budgets.


Now they are back to record profits & bonuses while we are forced to

pay for the mess they helped to create!




Thurs., Sept. 29,  3pm


555 California at Pine/B of A Plaza


(Mongomery BART), Downtown SF


Join us, as community groups, students, workers, faith leaders and

others come together to stop playing defense and start going on the

offense to say:




It’s time for Big Banks and Large Corporations to Pay Up!





Seamos realistas, hagamos lo imposible ~ che