From:   Michael Strom <>
Sent time:   Wednesday, September 28, 2011 12:04:15 PM
Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] For Internet Team: Two events to be posted on

How long do you think the event will go for on Thursday? I've been trying to put together a discussion with Organizing for Occupation (O4O;, a group I organize with. O4O is a NYC grassroots organization working to actualize the human right to housing through direct action, and one of their lead organizers is planning to come to Liberty Plaza on Thursday (9/29) at 6 to discuss the housing crisis, O4O's work, and what we can do to unite and support our struggles. O4O members fighting foreclosures and/or homelessness will also be there to lend their voices. The hopeful goal of the event is to build relationships between O4O and Occupy Wall Street in order to put on several anti-foreclosure actions next week. 

Thursday at 6 seems to be the only possible time this can happen (maybe a little later in the evening if necessary). And both events seem important. As I wrote this morning in response to the 99% Open Forum, I think working with O4O would be beneficial and strategic on a number of levels (help us build relationships with community orgs, put our movement in deeper conversation with lived struggles of this city, help build momentum through strategic action, etc), and I rather not have two simultaneous events take away from each others' attendance.

How can we work this out?

And is there a way "officially" get this on the schedule? I can write up a blurb for it ASAP.

Peace and Purpose,