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More on marika, who's been harassed by nypd/homeland security.

event info for tomorrow night. gonna bring up at tonight's GA.


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Subject: art event tomorrow

Hi Justin!

For the Love off God, finally found that little paper you gave me tast night!! Thank you so much for offering all kinds of help! I do do need it.. very much

ok, first of... attached please find our latest press release. Please let me know if it is at all offencive, i will be happy to make changes if neseccery.
 Also, below is the link to our kickstarter. please let me know if you can help with this.... it is very iam very important, and so little time left. Please help. Please forwart the below to all your people. Thank you

"Loft in the Red Zone" has become a neighborhood site in the financial district, offering an artistic environment for the public to reflect on the events that occurred on 9/11. 

Our close proximity to the ground zero site, as well as the astounding art work (majority of which was created by artists that were living in the "red zone" at the time of the attacks), make this exhibition monumental. Unfortunately, we're supposed to close our exhibition down on the 30th of September. We feel it is necessary to prolong our stay on Wall Street until the end of October as a place of refuge and reflection for the public. Due to the ongoing protests occurring outside of not only our doors, but also the doors of local residents and employers, our exhibition serves a purpose. 

Please help us live a little longer. Below is a link to our kick starter. Any donation is greatly appreciated.

Regarding the event tomorrow - I wonder if you can really help with food? We would love to have some vegan finger food for the event, if possible. Please let me know asap.

Please note that the event is a fundraiser and an art auction as well, there are going to be a not too many people - friends of artists, collectors, i hope, and the neighborhood apartment owners. the coming to support our stay know. little in the space for a little longer.

I would like to invite you and your immidiate friends to come and join us and make new connections with new people. I would not put the event on trwiter... we have a serious concern regarding the capacity and fire permit - we can have a private event, but no more then 75 people... Police has been watching our doors, please be advised. It is important that we dont piss off the cops. THEY CAN shut us down any time... while we are trying to stay longer.... we have to be cool. Please come join us, but if it is going to be a group, please let it be no more then 5 people group, you pr people, I guess. You know what I mean. Please note, it is a dress code event, proper \etire.
Thiusgs have to be done properly in arts.
On the event we can discuss a possibility of making a pop-up exhibition about you, in the space. Please help to make this smooth. this can become really big too.

About the neighbourgh tour, please cometomorro at 2. we willbe open just for you.

Lets talk on the phone today after 5
tryank you
646 600 3243