Sent time:   Wednesday, September 28, 2011 3:51:43 PM
Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] For Jackie and the Labor committee, a proposal we're slowly working on, with a note on the risks involved

 I'm all in for a general strike (even though with the taylor laws it would cost me amost 3 days pay for each day missed.)  But I beg all of you to stop throwing around the word revolution.  That word when used in a political contest denotes a violent overthrow of government in the minds of most Americans.  We need 10s of millions of people on the street to make the changes we are looking for.  The 99% are no where near violent revolution, and will reject any demand or argument with the word revolution it.  This is not Egypt or Libya or 1776.  If you are not talking about violent revolution, please use the modifier, peaceful.  Peaceful revolution is something people might be able to wrap their minds around.  I would rather ask for A)  The People to get involved and take back their government from corporations, and/or B) big policy changes.  Reactions to calls for revolution will bring either fear or laughter.  Very few Americans are going to be attracted by it.  Sorry for being negative and repeating myself, but I'm convinced that words like revolution, overthrow, etc are deadly to our movement.
My humble Opinion, John McG
On 09/28/11, Lauren<> wrote:
So, we're trying to do labor actions, and strike actions.

The ultimate strike action is the general strike, esp. unlimited. It's
where everything breaks, millions are in the streets.

Some people in various places are thinking of pushing for it in their
own unions, in unions they have contacts with, and even outside of

Now I won't sugar coat. US law considers a general strike to be
rebellion according to one of our organizers. He's in, but wants the
risks to be known by everyone. At the same time this is a revolution,
rebellion is inevitable, or we'll have failed and been bought out -
and I refuse to see the democratic vote machine use this like it tried
in WI. It's not a request for immediate support or a demand for
permissions, just a point of information. It will be easier to talk
about it face to face when I'm down in NYC.

So yeah. We're thinking of bringing up general strike.