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On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 5:56 PM, Joshua van Praag <> wrote:
Hey y'all

Vanessa Wruble from Okay Player got in touch with us today. She is working with The Roots who have expressed an interest in joining our movement and helping to spread awareness by creating a coalition of big-name musicians who could visit the park, participate in marches and perhaps even organize a concert or two down the road. She suggested that the brilliant Quest Love himself might be prepared to front this coalition. People -- this could be really great for us, both in terms of morale booster for everyone in the square and for outreach and media coverage.

I have given her a rundown of how things have been working on a daily basis, and directed her to for a schedule of events. She understands that it's important to bring people down asap and she's figuring out people's schedules on her end and will be in touch. Im cc-ing Lauri Faggioni on this email -- she's been helping out at the park with various things and is an avid supporter of the movement. As a music video director and production designer she has also worked with lots of amazing musicians and is busy reaching out to more as we speak. She is prepared to help coordinate any bigger events and I ask that an administrator please add her to this listserve. As soon as we have an idea of when artists might be coming down we can collab with media relations to get the word out.

Vanessa is also trying to get a web page up on dedicated to OWS but there having problems with their designer. They are looking for someone with good HTML / Flash skills to lend a hand. The site gets hundreds of thousands of hits a day so it could be great again for spreading awareness. Anyone who's interested should contact me right away off-list



Joshua van Praag


J.A. Myerson