From:   Marina Sitrin <>
Sent time:   Wednesday, September 28, 2011 9:30:39 PM
Subject:   [september17discuss] Horizontalism in Argentina discussion

The popular rebellion that began in December 2001 in Argentina sparked

a process of revolutionary creativity that continues to this day.

Many have come to call this new social relationship, "horizontalidad"

(horizontalism) I, Marina lived in Argentina documenting these

movements for the years after the rebellion and continue to spend time

there. The discussion I will facilitate will describe the inspiring

social change that has and continues to take place as well as some of

the challenges facing the movements. These experiences and challenges

are especially relevant to us, here on Wall Street, and the many many

other horizontal movements around the world.


Horizontalism: Voices of Popular Power in Argentina, the book, tells

the story of a changing society told by people who are taking their

lives and communities into their own hands. It is a story of

cooperation, vision, creation and discovery. It is a history that is

told by people in the various autonomous social movements, from the

occupied factories, neighborhood assemblies, arts and independent

media collectives, to the indigenous communities and unemployed

workers movements. (It is available free online in Spanish and English

and there are numerous copies in the Occupation library.)


Hope to see folks tomorrow, Thursday, at 11am in the Plaza




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