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Update: I just heard back from some people organizing translations literally one minute after I posted this.  If you want to help with translations, please coordinate with:

Translator Brigades <>

They're primarily translating into Spanish right now, but are also in the process of getting people to do translations for French and Portuguese.

On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 4:54 AM, Justine <> wrote:
I just finished writing many of my internationalization features for  We've already begun working on french translations; here's an example of what our call to action looks like to french speakers:

If you are a native speaker of a foreign language, please consider helping us translate the site so our message can be heard around the world!

According to our analytics stats, the languages we need translated in order of importance are: cornish, russian, spanish, french, german, polish, portuguese, dutch, swedish, itaian, and czech.

en-us 849,806
en 56,456
en-gb 30,428
ru 13,906
es 10,707
es-es 10,017
fr 9,566
de-de 8,929
pl 7,921
de 6,917
pt-br 6,031
ru-ru 5,503
nl 5,269
sv-se 4,186
sv 3,666
it 2,045
cs 1,971

Email me if you want to help :)


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