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Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2011 07:24:42 -0400
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Agreed Drew. �The "one demand" thing is such a red herring and I can't wait for this discussion to finally go away. �Our job is to help the people rise up, not to have a privileged white middle class discussion about how we should ask the government should "fix" itself through abstract financial reform. �I want a revolution, not another broken promise from a corrupt government.

The only demand I've heard so far at the GA that I felt I could get behind went something like this: Rather than demanding something from the 1%, we should make a demand of the 99%. �We demand that the 99% start forming general assemblies in their own communities. �We demand that the 99% organize to take back the world stolen from them by the 1%.

This demand is also similar to what we published on the 17th:�

On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 2:23 AM, Drew <> wrote:
Lets forget about the demand and promote what this movement already is.

We are building the community we WANT in this world. One that feeds, shelters (if we could...), and cares for all it's members. A community that hears every voice.

Lets focus on making our community exactly what we want, sustainable, open, free, and full of love. What better demand is there than showing the world what is possible even inside the heart of darkness.