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Subject:   RE: [september17discuss] Can someone from Labor Committee Please attend this Transport Workers Union meeting Friday?? They really want to support our effort!

I can go.


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Subject: [september17discuss] Can someone from Labor Committee Please attend this Transport Workers Union meeting Friday?? They really want to support our effort!


I would like to invite you to a community/labor support group for  #occupywallstreet meeting to be held tomorrow september 30th at 11:30 place: TWU local 100 union office 1700 Broadway in manhattan NY ( across from the David letterman studio). Please RSVP by sending a reply to this email with your full name and contact info.

Thank You,
Christine Williams
TWU local 100
718 781 3744

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Terrific news!!

Now, I think, we all have to work so that everyone perceives this as their movement. This march shouldn't be "a visit" to the "activists" at Liberty Park, but a way for more people join the movement. No one "owns" the movement, the movement is not the same as the space at Liberty Park, the movement can be everywhere.


The movement is like a bonfire of empowerment and solidarity. People and groups approach the collective bonfire that everyone keeps alive at Liberty Park and they light their torches to take them with them... 

Let's make everyone feel at home! :)



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The Beyond May 12th Coalition of nonprofits and unions, which organized the massive march of 20,000 people on Wall St on May 12, has called a march from City Hall to Zucotti Park for Wed, Oct 5. While this won't be as big as May 12, which took months of preparation, it will be a significant show of support.

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Community Labor March to Wall St./Zuccotti Park
- Let's march down to Wall Street to welcome the protesters and show the face of New Yorkers hardest hit by corporate greed. 
WHEN: October 5th at 4:30 pm
WHERE: City Hall (250 Broadway)
See attached flyer.

Planning Meeting - Join labor unions, community organizations and activists as we lay out final plans for a Week of Actions Oct. 11-14 to tell politicians, millionaires, and bankers that the wealthy should pay their fair share.
WHEN: Oct. 6 at 5:00 pm (not Oct. 4 as previously stated)
WHERE: SEIU 32BJ, 101 Avenue of the Americas

Please forward this email! For more info Contact:


**As a reminder we will have a direct action training September 29th from 7-9 pm at the Sixth Street Community Center (638 East Sixth Street).**


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