From:   Jeremy Bold <>
Sent time:   Thursday, September 29, 2011 11:05:18 AM
Subject:   [september17discuss] Submission Forms for volunteers and/or ideas

I have helped the Arts and Culture committee create a submission form that can be embedded on their tab of the site for ideas of creative Stunts to be performed on Wall Street.  The link to that form is below.

If any other committees want something like this to make an easy way to collect volunteers or materials for the movement, please let me know and I'll pull something together.  What I need from you is an idea of what kind of information you are requesting from people and I'll also try to advise on best possible organization of that info in the form!

hurray for information!!!!!!!

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Date: September 29, 2011 12:44:37 PM EDT
Subject: The Arts & Culture "Inventory of Stunts" !

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:

Do you have an idea for the Arts and Culture Committee to put on at Liberty Plaza, the Financial District, or somewhere in the New York area? Submit it here! We'll contact you soon so we can help you manifest your ideas. Or come join the Arts and Culture Committee to propose it to us: meetings are everyday at 12 pm and 6 pm at Liberty Plaza (formerly Zuccotti Park).