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Yes! That would be great! The steps would be a great space. It would also help to give some kind of spatial structure to the events. The other day, in our first forum, the beginning was a bit confusing due to that (some people didn't know if they had to sit down or not, for example).

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Drew this awesome. Are there plans to put this in some sort of orientation guide? I will fwd it to folks working on the paper. 

Some of those organizing the teach ins and open forums wonder if they can get the steps by the Red Thing designated as a  Teach-in/Open Forum area.   We have had several already, with many more planned. It is difficult for people coming in the square for the 1st time to find the teach ins.  One of the goals of the forums is to bring in folks who have not been to the square before, even people walking by. So having this location would be key for our growing outreach. 

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