From:   Mellow Yellow <>
Sent time:   Thursday, September 29, 2011 1:17:34 PM
Subject:   [september17discuss] #OccupyWallStreet Solidarity Rides!

My Peeps in da streets!

I'll be brief:

9/29 (And likely many future days) 10pm-ish - Broadway @ Cedar 
Cyclists join Time's Up! Sound system on a night tour-de-wall-street followed by a mellow dance party within walking distance of Liberty Square.

3pm Protest NYPD and all police brutality Press conference at City Hall followed by march/rally at 1 Police Plaza at 5pm. Even if you don't agree with me that "no criminality" for killer, reckless motorists is a form of NYPD brutality, perhaps you agree that unarmed, contained peaceful protestors need not be pepper-sprayed. Or maybe you just agree that we want our 1st amendment back. Or you would prefer an non-racist/sexist justice system. Whatever! Come join us. THEN...

7pm Union Square North or Broadway @ Cedar
CRITICAL MASS! Its the last Friday of the month! All over the country, all over the world cyclists will gather in love of our community and our freedom to ride! It is the original #OccupyTogether, just with more fun and even less organization. If you have been scared and intimidated by police violence and bullshit tickets from participating in NYC...well, it is time to get over it. Stop living in fear! I suspect as we ride in solidarity with #occupyWallStreet, NYPD will be on better behavior, cause THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING. Bring lights, bells, your knowledge of laws and rights. And of course your cameras! IF ARRESTED CALL 212-679-6018

All sorts of stuff going down. I don't have time to describe it all, but I would personally recommend joining SlutWalk NYC at Union Square at noon, then head down to Liberty Square at 3pm for another MASSIVE Saturday of #OccupyWallStreet. IF ARRESTED CALL 212-679-6018

First Friday Critical Mass - Union Square North 7pm

Staten Island Critical Mass - SI Boro Hall 7pm

Brooklyn Critical Mass - Williamsburg Bridge. Or Grand Army Plaza if you trust cops in cars with your bike safety. 7pm

Liberty Square Critical Mass 7pm - Just a suggestion for the third Friday of October. Don't hold me accountable if it results in massive fun, community or social revolution. Blame yourself if it doesn't!

HALLOWEEN CRITICAL MASS 7pm Union Square - Come flout NYC mask, assembly, and traffic laws! Time's Up! will have a kick ass after party.

As always, the best way to keep track of the action is to follow me on twitter @critmasspanic, or let me know you want text message updates! More importantly visit Liberty Square soon and often as we revise the future through our peaceful community and discussion. Think globally, act locally (and collectively!). You can probably find details for above events online and on Facebook if you try. If you want to help co-ordinate #bikebloc support efforts for #occupywallstreet send me an e-mail.

Please forward and spread the word. We can bring back the 4K+ NYC Critical Mass. Just stop being afraid or lazy! At the very least keep being beautiful!

Occupy All Streets!
Mellow the Yellow