From:   Antonio Serna <>
Sent time:   Thursday, September 29, 2011 8:27:26 PM
Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] The Occupy Wall Street Journal

Hi MAd Hatter & grimwomyn,

The same project was proposed this past Monday at the Arts & Culture

meeting. I'm excited to hear it was accepted.


I'm adding a meeting for the project and cc: the arts & culture

committee 2 morrow.


Meeting for...

The Occupy Wall Street Journal

Friday 9pm / Liberty park

(North of the Media pit)





[NYCGA internet committee & arts & culture committee]


- - - - -


FOR the Art & Culture Committee, if you want to follow the sept17 thread

here it is:


FOR those in the Sept17 that would like to see minutes for Monday meeting:





On 9/29/11 7:17 PM, grimwomyn wrote:

 > and please deliver to



 > gracias!




On 9/29/11 7:17 PM, grimwomyn wrote:

 > Hey all


 > so we are looking for a graphic designer to come up with the mock up

of the Wall Street Journal header for the paper. It needs to be 17"

wide, with a version for the online component. The first and best

version that we get will run.... thank you all for yr efforts ahead of




 > We are very excited about this and think that it is going to be

terrific, we have a lot of great articles and artwork and the

kickstarter campaign is almost fully funded....


 > deadline: ASAP!


 > Thanks again, y mucho amor you hard working people you-grim




On 9/29/11 12:05 PM, MAd Hatter wrote:

> Introducing... The Occupy Wall Street Journal!

> In order to grow the numbers in New York, we are developing a

> newspaper that explains the movement and encourages folks to join. We

> simply can not allow the main stream media to define us. We are in a

> very special moment now, and we plan to bring tens of thousands into

> streets in the coming weeks. Please donate to this important outreach

> project now so we can hand out 50,000 copies this weekend!