From:   MAd Hatter <>
Sent time:   Friday, September 30, 2011 7:51:43 PM
Cc:   Michael Levitin <>; Justinmolito <>
Subject:   [september17discuss] #occupiedwallstreetjournal: yr paper

The work you all did to get this done in time for tomorrow is beyond amazing! Thanks so much.  

We need to  set up outreach teams to distribute this tomorrow.

1. 11am meet at the new outreach table and look for Jillian. Join a team and attend slutwalk and nuke rallies, and distribute. At least 6 people at each event. We will have eventbdetails at 11am

2. At 2pm we need volunteers to gather to be  around the 3pm march to hand out the paper. About 12-15  people for this would be great .

3.  Sunday teams and turf should be handed out at some point Saturday as well.  

Please make an effort to "sign out" bulk papers so we can see what we are covering.

On Monday we will have a couple organizing  meetings  where we will distribute bulk papers to go out to schools, cafes, streets, workplaces, etc.

On Friday, September 30, 2011, grimwomyn <> wrote:
> Okay, we will be picking up the paper tomorrow, we are getting 50-70K issues
> This is a pilot project and the property of the General Assembly. This
> is a movement newspaper, it is funded through Kickstarter. We don't
> own this, just because the team that put it together took initiative,
> we are not the owners of this project at all. It is yours. There is
> plenty of $$ that has been raised by people from all over the world
> wanting to support the NYGA and the occupywallstreet community.
> 100% of the proceeds from the kickstarter campaign are to be used for
> printed materials for outreach. We need mechanisms of accountability
> to be set up to make sure that the $$ is used towards these means.
> This means that you can get stickers, posters, flyers, or more papers
> with the money that has been raised.
> We are now looking for people to help us both pick up and distribute
> the papers between now and October 5th throughout the city. It would
> be great if someone could round up a distribution team to hit critical
> points for outreach in NYC.
> We recommend that a print production working group should be formed
> with people who have experience or strong interest in working in
> printed media and outreach.
> Michael Levitin will be communicating this at the GA meeting tonight
> on behalf of the #occupywallstreet team, the rest of the team would
> like to come to the GA meeting on this but we have not slept in two
> days, we will see you at the march tomorrow as we help distribute the
> paper.
> Thanks again for your trust in us, we hope that you will be pleased
> with the results!
> Cheers-grim